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Get your Data into Qualtrics Web Service (Randomized Survey Questions)

How to get your data into Qualtrics Web Service.

Are you faced with the challenge of getting your data into Qualtrics Web Service feature? We can help by creating an application to host your data that can be accessed by Qualtrics Web Service. This enables users to create surveys picking questions from a list the user has deemed appropriate.

For example, if a user conducted a survey about S&P 500 companies and asked each participant to answer a question about a random company – the web service could return different questions in each survey participant.

Creating a web service as above allows your questions to fill into different applications that can parse JSON. This enables users in survey software to give random questions to different participants.

If you would like to get your data accessible for different webforms. Please click the button below and we can get your application kicked off!

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