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Powerful Dashboards. Powerful Teams.

Empower Your Team. Make Your Data Actionable.

What Can Our Team Do?

Managed BI Portals

We are experts in setting up, maintaining, and supporting your BI Portals on any of the following sites: Domo Tableau, Metabase, WebFocus, & PowerBI.

Data Consulting & Auditing

Have doubts about your data and reporting? We will audit your current process and tools and recommend solutions that are based on your unique business data needs.

Data Engineering

You have more data than you may realize. Unifying that data will provide meaningful insights that will empower them to make stronger decisions.

BI Portal Consulting

Not sure which BI tool is the best for your company? We are experts in each of the portals and will help you decide what makes the most sense for your data needs.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Have a pressing question that data could help answer? Ad Hoc reporting gets you answers to your most important questions – providing critical information to key decision makers.

Automate Integrations

Don’t let your team waste time automating integrations. We are experts in all Social Media Platforms, Quickbooks, Google Products, CRM Integrations, and more.

What Are Clients Saying?

“These guys are the MVP’s of business intelligence and data science.”

William A. – TheatriSoft

“VIVBI has played a vital role in the success of our company. “

Kevin N. – Credit Suite

“VIVBI gave us the insights we needed to increase ROI.”

Skyler N. – Reef Legends

What Makes Us Unique?

Client Focused. Results Driven. Visibility at Every Step.

Obligation Free

We don’t believe in time length contracts or monthly hour requirements. We want our clients to use us as much as they need, not because they are tied into a contract.

Project Management

We value providing visibility to our clients. Trusting outside vendors can be frustrating when you can’t see the progress on a project. We give direct access to a portal where you can see updates on current projects, input projects you need help with.


We value communication. We use Slack and to allow our team to communicate seamlessly, track progress, and share updates with your team.

What Do Our Dashboards Look Like?

Dashboards can be customized to what best fits your business. Our team of developers have backgrounds in Domo, Tableau, WebFocus, PowerBI, Metabase, and a few others.

Do we recommend a certain BI tool? You bet, we love MetaBase – a free open source platform you can customize for your business.

Sample Dashboards

Let’s Work Together

Client Focused. Results Driven. Visibility at Every Step.

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