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Our Story

VIVBI (VIV · Lively | BI · Business Intelligence)


We are business intelligence (BI) and data agency. We are focused on providing our clients with empowering decision making, customized dashboards through different BI tools, purified data through our data quality model, ad-hoc reporting, and custom data science products.

We take data seriously, we purify data through a series of different audits and checks. Data needs to be accurate, accessible, comprehensive, defined, granular, and relevant. This is our core mission as we assist clients in their business.

What Makes Us Unique?

Client Focused. Results Driven. Visibility at Every Step.

Obligation Free

We don’t believe in time length contracts or monthly hour requirements. We want our clients to use us as much as they need, not because they are tied into a contract.

Project Management

We value providing visibility to our clients. Trusting outside vendors can be frustrating when you can’t see the progress on a project. We give direct access to a portal where you can see updates on current projects, input projects you need help with.


We value communication. We use Slack and to allow our team to communicate seamlessly, track progress, and share updates with your team.